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RentoRealty helps assemble the right team to get the best results. Whether our clients are starting new, adding locations, relocating, or want to stay exactly where they are and renew an existing lease. We guide the process, meet the budget, and always advocate for our client’s needs. RentoRealty works with an independent team of professionals - including architects, contractors, space planners, and interior designers – all of whom will bring your project to a successful conclusion.


RentoRealty assists Tenant’s & Buyers in selecting the best location for their business needs. We do a full market analysis and then provide our clients with the currently available property options, detailing the specific size, layout, quality, and economics of a potential deal at every location. We talk to the Landlord’s for you, and when the desired site is selected, we then provide experienced representation during the lease negotiations.


Our process saves clients time and money. And tenant representation is typically free for the tenant. RentoRealty simply shares in the Brokerage Commission already provided to the Landlord’s Broker.




RentoRealty doesn’t walk away when the deal is done. We will stay in touch to ensure the deal we negotiated is the deal you get. We can review for you during the entirety of your lease term, the annual Landlord bills for charges from base rent escalations or any pass through expenses like real estate taxes and annual operating cost increases. We will advocate for you through the life of your lease. This service is free when the directive is included in the lease.


RentoRealty, if you choose, will also review and consult on all monthly Landlord bills for a flat rate of $100 per month.  RentoRealty will receive every landlord invoice, proof it for accuracy, and advise accordingly on its accuracy. This service saves staff time, is performed by an experienced real estate accountant, and gives our clients great peace of mind.



RentoRealty has 25 years of Property Management experience.  Do you own your building?   Are you the sole tenant, or are you Landlord to other tenants.   We can perform or contract for you any number of services, from vendor management, life safety matters, and routine inspections.   All of these can be tailored to your specific needs, and help to meet your strategic investment goals.   Additionally, our experienced real estate accountants can invoice rents, pay bills, deliver monthly financial statements, and work with your CPA at year end, so your tax season is less stressful.     



Tom Rento   CEO / Principal Broker

Tom is a licensed real estate broker with a MBA and 25 years of experience representing the interests of commercial landlords and tenants.


Tom has been the lead operations manager for several billion dollars in real estate properties. Additionally, he has been the lead negotiator for lease transactions and project manager for construction work across most of the same properties. The tenants Tom has represented come from the retail, office, and medical office segments of the real estate industry.


Based in Albany NY, Tom has overseen northeast property portfolios from Maine to Ohio and held positions ranging from COO/CFO for privately held regional firms to VP/Regional Manager for national real estate firms.


Tom's 25 years of experience is enhanced by a team of industry consultants available to RentoRealty to provide our clients one point of contact for real estate decisions critical to the success of their business.


P.O. Box 694

Guilderland, NY 12084


(518) 788-6154

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